We are a 100% vegan facility. This means no dairy, eggs, honey, casein, confectioner's glaze, no animal products whatsoever. And no palm oil.


ICE CREAM, ALWAYS: Vanilla, Mint Chip, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Coffee

ROTATING FAVORITES: we switch up 4 rotating flavors every couple of months and offer unique, nostalgic crowd favorites, and seasonal fruit flavors - check our INSTAGRAM for flavor updates!

FUN FACT: our made in-house waffle cones are available in regular and gluten free!

BAKED GOOdS: We always have a variety of cookies and popsters (aka pocket pies). Currently brownies are only available on Saturdays. Other baked goods like muffins and scones are sometimes available on weekends. Check social media for updates. All of our bakery case items are made in-house and baked fresh each day.


GLUTEN FREE: All of our ice creams and toppings are gluten free. We also make brown rice waffle cones. Other than that, we DO NOT make any gluten free baked goods. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a gluten free facility

BEVERAGES: Year-round our shop offers french press coffee (regular & decaf), cold brew coffee, hot & iced teas, iced chai & iced matcha. All milk is dairy free; we have NO DAIRY ON SITE! Milk choices include: Soy, Coconut, and Oat milk.