1. I understand that the ice cream is vegan, but is everything else vegan too?

YES! Everything is 100% vegan and always will be! We are proudly a vegan owned & operated business!


2. Do you offer GLUTEN-FREE options?

YES! All of our ice creams and toppings are gluten free. We also make brown rice waffle cones. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a gluten free facility.


3. Are your ingredients NON-GMO and/or ORGANIC?

We do our very best to ensure that ingredients used are NON-GMO and ORGANIC as often as possible. That is important to us in our everyday life and it's what we want to share with our community. Most of the ingredients we use are organic. 100% NON-GMO. And ALWAYS no artificial dyes or colorings.


4. I cannot eat SOY – do you have anything I can eat?

Yes! Our ice cream base and many cookies are SOY FREE. ALL of our toppings are soy free as well. You can ask our friendly staff for an ingredient list at the shop if you'd like - we're happy to help!


5. I cannot eat NUTS – do you have anything I can eat?

All of our ice cream is made with organic COCONUT milk. We have plenty of nut-free baked goods as well, including cookies, brownies, and popsters. Anything containing nuts of any sort will be labeled as such. We do process PEANUTS, ALMONDS, CASHEWS, & MACADAMIAS on site, however we do our best to prevent cross contamination, sanitizing all items thoroughly between uses. You can ask our friendly staff for an ingredient list at the shop if you'd like - we're happy to help! PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a nut free facility.


7. I cannot or don’t want to consume SUGAR – do you have anything I can eat?

No. All of our treats are sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice.

8. What is your procedure to prevent cross contamination of gluten/nuts/etc.

We use a 100% vegan kitchen, so no dairy, eggs, or animal products of any kind enter our facility! The only gluten free item we prepare on site is our waffle cones. We do use the same measuring cups, bowls, etc, but we do sanitize them thoroughly between uses. That said, we do prepare these in a very small kitchen where gluten is surely present! Any items containing nuts are made separately and with care, but, again it is a very small kitchen and we will be using the same measuring cups, bowls, etc, that are thoroughly sanitized between uses. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a gluten free or nut free facility.

9. Will you still be operating the truck?

Our VW bus is reserved solely for delivery now.


10. Where are my favorite...popsters?!

Due to various issues when making popsters in a hot kitchen in the summer, and our lack of a refrigerated bakery case...we have decided to make pies & popsters seasonal items. So, if it's hot out (say...over 75 degrees or so), popsters are not guaranteed to be in the bakery case. Typically from September-May, we'll always have them. The other months, take your chances.

11. Do you make cakes?

No, we do not. WE DO NOT MAKE CAKES. We recommend Brown Sugar Baking Company for vegan cakes, cupcakes, and more! We also recommend Pure Pies for decadent cream pies. And if you're in a pinch, you can also find daily selections at PCC and Whole Foods.


12. Do you use palm oil?

We are a totally palm-oil free business. We even make our own palm oil free margarine.

13. Do you use fair trade & organic coffee? How about chocolate? Yes and yes. We use Cafe Mam coffee. And we use Equal Exchange cocoa & chocolate. https://cafemam.com/  https://equalexchange.coop/

14. Why don't you have a shop phone?

We do everything by hand. Our small staff makes the ice cream, all baked goods, puts together sundaes, shakes, all kinds of treats, espresso drinks, runs the front of the shop, and wash all dishes by hand. Often, there is just one front of house staff member working. Quite simply, we can't imagine doing what we do AND answering a phone. Please just send us an email. seattlecookiecounter@gmail.com

15. Do you take special orders?

Yes! Please check our order page for more info and send us an email if you have any questions.

16. Do you have a restroom?

Yes, it's just down the hall on the left! It is an all-gender restroom and it is wheel chair accessible.

If you have any concerns or specific questions, please don’t ever hesitate to contact us at seattlecookiecounter@gmail.com