We have a large white wall on the north side of our GREENWOOD shop where we display artist work. If you are interested in displaying your work, please read the guidelines below and contact us if you think you'd be a good fit!

  • you must display a minimum of 8 pieces

  • with fewer pieces to display, we ask that the work be larger in size

  • with very small pieces, please have a greater number to display

  • we will give special consideration to work that fits well with our color scheme (for the most part, primary colors do not tend to do well in our shop)

  • we love various mediums and are not adverse to found object art and paper & fiber arts

  • you as the artist would be required to hang your own work, we can provide a hammer, nails, and a step stool

  • you as the artist would be required to provide an artist bio to hang next to your work as well as to provide pricing information for pieces that are for sale, please have these ready on the day your work is displayed

  • we ask that your work be on display for a minimum of three months

  • we do not take any percentage of sales of your work. we will ring customers up through our sales platform, Square, and you will be paid out via cash or check at the completion of your show

  • purchased artwork stays on the wall until the end of  your show, unless you can quickly replace it with another piece

  • our monthly art walks are on each second Friday; you can choose to be present if you'd like, but it isn't required

  • as we are a family friendly shop, we ask that art work be appropriate for everyone

  • as we serve food, we ask that art work not be unappetizing

  • we'd prefer that art work not be overly political in nature

  • we are not able to sell any retail type of items, only artwork on display



Please send us an email at and include the following:

  1. Link to your artist instagram page, website, or a minimum of 6 emailed files of your work

  2. The earliest date your work would be ready to show and any dates you would be unavailable

  3. Information on your medium used

  4. Have you shown your work before? Where?

  5. Have you visited our shop?

  6. Any questions you have?

THANK YOU for your interest!